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Financial and accounting outsourcing

Outsourcing of accounting services – remotely with ERP enova365

We provide comprehensive accounting and financial services for entities from all over Poland using the DMS electronic document flow tools within enova365

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HR obrazek dekoracyjny
HR & Payroll outsourcing

HR and payroll processes remotely throughout Poland

We provide HR and payroll outsourcing, i.e. comprehensive support for personnel administration issues and personnel settlements in companies employing up to several hundred employees, including with branches located in remote locations. Thanks to HR and payroll outsourcing, you gain the HR department without burdening your company with new jobs.

Cooperation with Neofin 

Models of cooperation with the use of enova365

Check what models of cooperation we offer and take advantage of the possibility of electronic document circulation.

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Implementations and enova365 service

Are you looking for a modern solution for effective management of business processes in your company? Take advantage of the offer of our brotherly company XLE Sp. z o.o. – experts in the implementation of the enova365 ERP system.

Neofin Pricelist

NEOFIN price list of basic and additional services

In force since 01.12.2022 r.

HR and Payroll services

Prices for HR and Payroll services

Basic services in the area of HR and payroll are settled in accordance with the following price list under the contract based on the number of employees covered by HR and payroll services or only payroll. 

A lump sum fee may be added to the rates specified in the price list for increased labour intensity resulting from the specificity of the enterprise. 

Number of employees covered by the service  HR&Payroll Payroll Payroll supervision Annual PIT-11 
up to 50 60,00 90,00 50,00 70,00 15,00 15,00 50,00 
51 – 250 55,00 80,00 45,00 55,00 14,00 14,00 45,00 
251 – 1000 50,00 75,00 40,00 50,00 13,00 13,00 40,00 
over 1000 individually individually individually individually 

UOP – form of employment of employees for settlements – employment contract 
UCP – form of employment of employees for settlements – civil law contract  
Payroll supervision – verification of payroll settlements – it does not include the settlements themselves 

Financial and accounting services

Prices for financial and accounting services

Basic services in the area of finance and accounting are settled as part of a flat fee. The flat fee is determined individually based on the labour intensity parameters estimated before signing the contract. The following services are priced outside the flat fee. 

Service Price 
Accounting policy 750,00 
Accounting policy in Express mode 1200,00 
Financial statements  one-month salary 
Auditable financial statements one and a half months salary 

Additional services

Prices for HR & Payroll and financial and accounting additonal services

Additional services are performed under a separate contract and settled at an hourly rate.  

Service Price 
1 h without a package 200,00 
10 h Package 1800,00 
20 h Package 3200,00 
1 h in Express mode 250,00 

Hour package – fee in advance, to be used for 6 months. 

Other services

Other services connected with enova365 IT system for HR and accounting

Additional services are performed under a separate contract and settled at an hourly rate.  

Service Unit Price 
Access via enova365 RDP 5 accesses 1000,00 
Access via www enova365 multi 1 access 30,00 
enova365 Dashboard for Accounting Office Client 1 access 40,00 
Archiving the database after the termination of the contract 1 baze/month 50,00 
Archiving the active database after the termination of the contract 1 baze/month 100,00 

Price offer

We will prepare an offer calculation based on the information obtained from you
– please provide it by filling in the pre-offer form.


Terms and Conditions
of Neofin Accounting Office services

The document is valid from 1.10.2022

The document of Terms and Conditions is available here (in Polish)

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