ERP enova365 helps to manage your company or institution

Why enova 365

We use the enova365 system in order to provide our customers with the most efficient services. Due to our use of online tools we minimize the risk of errors and circulation of printed documents and data. Using a single integrated system as a tool of cooperation with our customers allows us to further optimize given business’ management processes. It is worth noting that our customers use and pay only for operational modules.

For each system operator of a platinum license, there is an option of selecting the appropriate language for the program’s interface: Polish or English.

Close cooperation with  allows us a complete use of the enova system’s functionality. We are able to fully recommend it to companies which want to evolve in an efficient and cost-optimal manner.

More information about enova 365 system

enova365 is a modern enterprise resource planning (ERP) system currently used by more than 8.5 thousand Polish companies. Being well acquainted with the system, we have observed the positive changes in management efficiency and overall satisfaction in companies which have implemented it. That is why we recommend enova to our customers.

For our customers the use of enova365 means a faster access to their data at any time and from anywhere, an efficient way of providing us with documentation, and, as a result, time saving and comfort.

For us, enova 365 means high efficiency, convenient ways of documents circulation and better communication with our customers thanks to the possibility to access the system with desktop and mobile devices (laptop, tablet, smartphone). These features allow us to provide the highest level of services.

Enova is a modular system and each module consists of functional variants. Each variant can be chosen according to the current needs of the enterprise and may be easily developed as the company progresses.

Thanks NEOFIN’s very close cooperation with XLE – ERP implementation specialist company – we are able to undertake the bookkeeping, even in the most difficult cases which require far-reaching individualization of the enova365 software.

Operation models

Online model

The Online operation model consists of us working together with the customer on a shared database based in our location or on a server. The customer connects with it via a remote desktop or a web browser. Through these means the customer can upload their documents onto the database.

Offline model

In the Offline operation model the client also uses the enova system, but they make use of their own database. All the documents are exported from the enova365 system and sent to us by the customer. The client can also forward the documents in print; then, we scan them using the handwriting recognition module implemented in enova.

Customer’s desktop

We provide our customers with the Accounting Office Customer’s Desktop service, through which they can log into their accounts and transfer data. It is also a tool of communication and report generating. Customers do not need to use the enova365 system or any other ERP system while using this module.

Do you have any questions?

Are you looking for a modern way to efficiently manage your company’s business processes? Use the services provided by XLE sp. z o.o. (Ltd.) - our sister company specializing in the ERP systems implementation.