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Our team – your accounts and payroll departments

Due to our use of modern information technology, we pride ourselves in being knowledgeable about media companies and IT industry. We are also experienced in accounting and HR issues specific for capital groups and listed partnerships.

An individual approach to each customer, combined with professional services and counseling conducted by adept auditors, allows us to support the development of companies which cooperate with us. We offer a reliable partnership, ensuring the success of any business operations.

Our history

starting the activity of the accounting office Neofin Sp. z o.o. – from the very beginning with ERP systems and the support of XLE Sp. z o.o.

change of the company’s seat, which allowed us to increase employment

expanding the scale of operations, going beyond the Tri-City

introducing new processes by implementing enova365 in the platinum version, introducing the work “paperless”

2020 – 2022
success in remote work during employee isolation during COVID-19 restrictions

What distinguishes us from standard accounting offices?

Our advantage is experience in working with the use of the enova365 system. We are also able to model and shape processes in terms of customer needs – this way we optimize costs and minimize the risk of making a mistake. When starting cooperation with a client, we create an IT base that allows the integration of the accounting office with the structures of the client’s enterprise, due to which it is possible to circulate documents and information electronically. In the IT accounting and payroll solutions we are constantly supported by an ERP system implementation expert, XLE Sp. z o.o.

fluent remote service with enova365

an extensive, competent team

cooperation with enova365 Authorized Partner

a wide range of cooperation all over Poland


Meet our Neofin team

We have been forming our team of specialists since 2009 – these are people who combine competence with many years of experience in accounting, HR, and payroll outsourcing. Thanks to such qualities we are able to provide the highest standard of services to any business entity, regardless of size or operating field.

Meet the representatives of individual teams: Customer Service, HR and Payroll Team, Accounting Team and Members of the Board.

  • Customer service

    • Obsługa Klienta biura rachunkowego Neofin Kalina S.

      Anna S.

      Customer Service Specialist

    • opiekun klienta biura rachunkowego Neofin Ilona K.

      Ilona K.

      Account Manager

    • marketing biura rachunkowego Neofin Anna P.

      Anna P.

      Business Development Manager

  • Accountants

    • liderka księgowość Paulina K.

      Paulina K.

      Accounting Team Leader

    • księgowy lider Neofin Adam

      Adam W.

      Accounting Team Leader

    • liderka zespołu księgowych w Neofin Milena D.

      Milena D.

      Accounting Team Leader

  • HR and payroll

    • liderka zespołu obsługi kadrowo-płacowej Agnieszka Ś.

      Agnieszka Ś.

      HR & Payroll Team Leader

  • the Board

    • wiceprezes biura rachunkowego Neofin Piotr M.

      Piotr M.

      Vice-President of the Board

    • wiceprezes zarządu Neofin Aneta W.H.

      Aneta W.H.

      Vice-President of the Board

  • Stimulators

    • prezes biura rachunkowego

      Filip P.


    • asystent księgowej i kadrowej - kawa

      Small C.