NEOFIN ERP supported accounting and payroll services

Entrust experts with professional accounting outsourcing as well as HR and payroll outsourcing for your business. What distinguishes us from others is a comprehensive knowledge of information systems such as enova 365. This enables us to offer our customers more flexible, easier, and faster accounting methods, thereby allowing them to manage their company with a decisive efficiency.

Our services consist of:

A flexible approach to our customers

Handling HR and payroll services

The Business Intelligence analysis

Custom accounting reports

Creating consistent accounting and ERP solutions

Tailoring all the accounting methods to our customer’s needs

Book-keeping (including the trading books)

We use a modern ERP system – enova 365 – thanks to which we may provide our customers with efficient services, minimizing the risk of errors and the amount of forwarded printed documents.

One system, limitless possibilities

enova365 is Poland’s very first ERP software which provides support in all areas of your business. It is possible to use the system anywhere and on any device – all thanks to its four unique interfaces

Guarantee of compliance with the law

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Are you looking for a modern way to efficiently manage your company’s business processes? Use the services provided by XLE sp. z o.o. (Ltd.) - our sister company specializing in the ERP systems implementation.